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The Garnet Bunches

Gunel is a young, truly loving, and devoted Azerbaijani woman. As a result of a drastic transformation of life circumstances, Gunel and her family, her husband, and their two little children need to immigrate to the United States. They are being persecuted by the corrupt judicial system of their country.

They have to fight against injustice. Powerful people are closely watching the bowls of the scale in Themis’s hands and making the decision in favor of the side in which the amount of money outweighs the evidence.

Courageously, this young family goes through the labyrinth of life. Now, walking with her friend along the path of Central Park in New York, Gunel remembers the hard journey on the way to long-awaited happiness. Colorfully telling about oriental customs, Gunel remembers her complicated life story and the life story of her great-grandmother, who lived with her family in the last century. Thus, the author draws parallels between past and present life in Azerbaijan.


Up To Miracles

Alex is looking forward to the Christmas party but is a little disappointed when his parents tell him he has to look after his little sister, Annie. Nonetheless, they attend the party near their home. However, when Alex insults Santa Claus, the brother and sister find themselves thrust into a world where fairy tales are real and miracles are just a part of everyday life. Alex suddenly finds himself in the role of guardian to his little sister, and he must protect her throughout their long perilous journey through a strange world.

As they make their way through an exotic, magical world, they are surrounded by the weirdest of creatures—dragons, trolls, unicorns, witches, and queens. They learn that some are foes but others are friends. They find themselves shanghaied into a war between the queens of the four seasons—spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Even more eerie is the fact that many of those they meet seem to know all about them and why they ended up here in the first place. But no one is too willing to share this information with the siblings, for how else would the children learn their lesson?

Forced to grow up, Alex takes charge of the situation. He knows only two things for sure: that he is responsible for the safety and well-being of his little sister and that they have to find a way to return to their parents. It’s not a small feat since they have no idea where they really are. Will they be able to find their way back home? Will they ever be allowed to return? Alex refuses to lose hope, and Ann refuses to lose faith. They got here somehow—so there must be a way back . . . right?


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The Garnet Bunches

The Garnet Bunches