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Zeynab Salimova

Zeynab Salimova was born in Baku. At the age of 34, with her family, Mrs. Salimova moved to New York where her first novel, The Garnet Bunches, was written and published. The Garnet Bunches is an epic story about two families living in two time periods, both families go through the hard times, but cope, and find peace and dignity in a new land. Through the entire book sparkles Salimova’s love for the humanity, which always motivates her. The Garnet Bunches is a beautiful beginning of the inspiration and passion to keep on creating and writing.

In her homeland, in Baku, Mrs. Salimova was writing lyrical poems, which poured out into several poem book collections. Salimova keeps writing lyrical and philosophical poems about life and love, and posts them in her social media pages. Looking for the new challenges and inspired by the new homeland, Salimova writes and publishes a children’s book, Up to Miracles: A Stone’S Throw from a Fairy Tale, which dedictates to her children. Originally published in Russia, this delightful story now comes to America, bringing both charm and excitement.

Zeynab Salimova holds PhD and MBA degrees, and is a member of the Union of Azerbaijani Writers.



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The Garnet Bunches

The Garnet Bunches